History and introduction

Who is RIOU?
Since 1979 year, we start to supply quality and reliable truck spare part.
At the beginning of the time, we produce valve, control unit, body accessories to China domestic market.
Several years later we grew up, we import high precision machine and extend our production line, then we have cooperation relationship with China North Benz company, the quality can achieved Germany Mercedez Benz corporation standard as same as original quality.
After 2000 years, we expand our market to Middle east, European, African, Russia and so on.
For shifting ( transmission ) system, we have been working on more than 30 years.
We supply shift mechanism to the whole world, Hydraulic Control System, Mechanical Control System and Electrical Control System,
For example:
Gear linkage system,
Like 9452609998, 108.4833 0A, 108.0025 0A, 108.1233 0A, 108.0225 0A, 108.0233 0A, 108.6633 0A, 108.6747 0A, 108.8547 0A, 108.0282 0A,
Gear lever actuator,
0002604098, 0002604198, 0002604298, 0002606198, 0002605998,81.32605.6111 Shift cylinder, 0012609663, 0012603463, 0022600663, 1669937, 81.32655.6181, 81.32655.6182, 0012605963, 0012602563, 0012609763, 0012608863, 81.30715.6121, 1361136, 81.30715.6119, 4213520820, 1669938, 1669939, 389680152
Gear lever knob,
81.97010.6009, 81.97010.6011, 81.32620.0045, 81.32620.0095, 20488058, 20488052, 1655853, 1655854, 1285258, 1285260, 384970, 1369555, 1482997, 1485717, 1441235, 1727377, 0012606357, 6202680042, 9705400045, 9415400545, 5010545741
Shift lever, shift rod,

Our strategy and principle

1. Technology is our path leading to the future
RIOU workshops are fitted with state of the art technology for the manufacturing of gear shift system Over 40 CNC technological machines are used to strictly control quality procedures ensure the reliability and monitoring of the manufacturing process.

2. Quality is our principle work to keep your driving safety
RIOU quality department control the technology and knowledge to perform all types of chemical, physical, rubber and dimensional checks and to control thus the quality of the materials used.

3. Availability and speed are at your service
RIOU provides an efficient logistics and shipping management service that allows to process orders in a timely manner.

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